Zion National Park
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Zion National Park

Zion National Park is an area with a unique ecosystem, natural landscape and climate. The park complex is located in the USA, in the southwest of Utah. The protected area is located in the Colorado River region. The most famous place in the reserve is Zion Canyon, which is located in the floodplain of the Virgin River.

The landscape and nature of the park annually attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world. The reserve complex is visited by more than 4 million people a year. The US National Park contains rivers, canyons, natural arches, mountains, and hills. The fauna and flora of the reserve is interesting for the variety of species of representatives of flora and fauna.

The rock formations of the canyons of the national park are red-brown Navajo sandstone. On the territory of the complex there is an opportunity to try hiking along specially equipped trails, take an excursion program with a ranger or stay overnight at a campsite.
The main attraction of the park is the Zion Canyon of the same name, which is visited by crowds of tourists every year. The gorge is formed of sandstone of red and bronze hue. The rock acquired this color due to the iron and manganese contained in this rock. This is the largest canyon in the park. Its length is 24 kilometers, and the maximum depth in some areas reaches 800 meters.

About a kilometer north of the park’s southern entrance is the Zion Museum of Human History. Here are expositions demonstrating the culture and life of ancient settlements on the territory of the reserve. The Zion National Park Gallery features works by Frederick S. Dellenbach, Howard Russell Butler, and other artists depicting the life and nature of the complex.

You can visit this park using a 15-day tour by car.

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