Sightseeings of USA

Mount McKinley

Against the backdrop of the mountains of the Alaska Range, located on the territory of Denali National Park, McKinley Peak, the highest mountain in North America, rushes into the sky, with a height of about 6200 meters. The climate on this mountain is especially harsh – for example, the lowest air temperature on the planet, -83 degrees Celsius, was recorded at its top. Brave travelers from all over the world dreamed of conquering this impregnable peak – among the pioneers was James Cook, who, by the way, made two expeditions here, and only the second of them was crowned with success. Today, at the foot of McKinley, you can visit a beautiful natural park – an island of wild and untouched nature with mirror lakes, high mountain ranges, and snow-capped peaks. There are even special places for camping and viewing platforms with a breathtaking view.

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